Our Mission

 The Iqra International UK provides comprehension and systematic Islamic & Modern Education to nurture the young Muslim mind with sound ethics and moral values espoused in an Islamic environment.
          We know in our value system saving one life is a saving humanity and similarly helping one human-being to developing the whole society, all humanity and this is real SADQA JARIA.
           Our mission is to give each and every child who doesn’t have resources to get education. We want to give them free education. We know it is not simple and cannot be achieved over a night but we can spend our lives to contribute in this holy mission. We are willing to do so and we hope that soon we will be in a position to serve the deserving students of our nation, Pakistan. We hope that we will do more to help those who need us.
           Our society at this stage of history needs help to come out of beggary condition and make its youth independent and responsible and that can only be secured through education and with your help and kindness for those who cannot afford themselves.