AL-HAMDO-LILLAH it is an honour for Iqra International UK that our CEO is already working in this field by providing wheel-chairs and other things to disable people in developing areas. As we know a healthy and active society is inevitable for the development and progress of a country. The major part of society in developing countries comprises of lower and middle class who lack to access basic health services. Iqra International UK will step forward in this field for the better treatment of the poor. Our organization will instigate different projects like dispensaries, medical camps, mobile
dispensaries etc to help the sick and disable people. Our volunteers will support the health services at primary healthcare level. This includes vanguard cure, care and support.

Free Dispensaries & Hospitals
Free dispensaries will be established in different areas to facilitate the poor facing health problems. They will be treated free of cost. Free medicines will also be provided at the dispensaries.

Medical Camps
Medical camps will be arranged for the people. They will be treated as well as guided by the medical staff regarding the hygienic environment.

Provision of wheel-chairs for the disables
Wheel chairs will be provided to those disable people who cannot afford them. They will also be supported financially to start their own business and be a part of local industry.

Provision of quality medicine for the needy.
Health centers of Iqra International UK will also play their part in the fight against disease by providing free health facility to the poor and the needy that are unable to bear the expenses of medical treatment and medicines.

Provision of first aid, ambulance service to the injured in case of emergencies and accidents.
Keeping in view the poor health facilities in far-flung areas and in most of the suburb areas, first aid and ambulance service will be launched to help the people in emergency or in case of an accident.