Support of the victims of natural disasters.
Iqra International UK will always be ready to set up its emergency relief efforts that focus on the provision of cash injections, food and shelter to affected communities. Besides this, Iqra International uk is working to strengthen the resilience of affected communities.

Provision of clean drinking water in the backward areas.
Unavailability of clean water is a major cause of different types of diseases in backward areas. We shall try to provide clean drinking water in those areas. Different projects will be started to facilitate the population of backward and far-flung areas.

Financial support of the poor and deserving.
Our organization will develop vocational centers to train the people and make them able to earn their livelihood. They will also be provided financial aid to run their own business. Engaging the wider population in such activities will result a long-term socio-economic development.

setting up welfare centers to address the problems of local communities and provision of direct support.
Welfare centres will be set up to make people aware of their problems and they will provide financial assistance in solving their problems. Provision of direct support will be helpful in resolving different issues in the society