Dear Brothers & Sisters
                               Assalam o alaikum,
        My Vision and my Desire

  1. A unique and exemplary institution [System of studies] to open with an attribution.
  2. A fair and fine combination of Islamic, modern and contemporary knowledge and research.
  3. An institute with good repute that could be an asset to the entire nation in general and the specified area in particular.
  4. Where orphan and needy students may get standard education without any fee.
  5. That could serve as a forum for the Holy Qur’an in all respects and prospects.
  6. That presents an ideological and scientific approach.
  7. Whose faculty members are highly qualified, devoted and loyal.
  8. Whose discipline will be strict but exemplary with a focus of transparency.
  9. In short an institution that is full of devotion and true spirit ——–a sign of seriousness and sublimation in character, cause and care.

            May Allah bless the entire well wishers of IQRA INTERNATIONAL UK.

Muhammad Zahid Hussaaini

[email protected]

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